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Pioneer Control Grips


Pioneer Control Grips are hand crafted right in the heart of Oregon. Each grip is unique in appearance but they all share the same great feel and warmth that only a wooden grip can provide. Designed with a palm rise that perfectly fits the contours of your hand, you'll immediately notice an unmatched level of comfort and style. PCG also stands out by offering the convenience of customizing your grips to perfectly fit the needs and look of your project. 

Vans Aircraft

"Definitely Worth the Price"

I love my Pioneer grips! They're beautifully made, have a very comfortable feel in my hand and are a classy addition to my RV-7 cockpit. Pioneer grips weren’t the cheapest but the quality and feel are better than anything else out there…Definitely worth the price. They’re the pilot’s primary connection to the airplane. Putting a plain old bike grip on an RV control stick would be like playing a Steinway piano with rubber gloves on!

Dave S. - Vans RV-7 Builder/Owner


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