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The Pioneer Alpha is a sleek and comfortable ambidextrous grip that's handcrafted to fit your needs. Choose from a variety of finish options including Natural Walnut, Black Gloss, Carbon Fiber Hydro-Dip or our affordable 3D Manufactured "Lite" version. 


The Alpha comes standard with your choice of a 2 Way (single axis) or 4 Way (two axis) trim switch as well as three push buttons and a PTT button located on the forward side of the grip. Custom switch plate layouts are available upon request. Pricing may vary for custom options. See the info section for details on options and pricing for variations.


Each grip is delivered prewired with a 2' pig tail and a termination guide. Please specify if your installation requires additional length.


Price is per grip.


*Wood is a diverse medium and end finish may vary in grain structure or color.

Pioneer Alpha

$479.00 Regular Price
$431.10Sale Price
Select Your Finish
Available to ship July 2024
  • The Pioneer Alpha offers a variety of options for finishes as well as switch plate layouts. The standard Pioneer Alpha ($479) comes with a natural walnut finish, four way trim, three push buttons and a PTT located on the forward side of the grip.

    See below for more information regarding options and pricing variations.



    • Natural Walnut - Each wooden grip is hand crafted with responsibly sourced walnut from fallen trees in the USA. It is finished with a durable and long lasting polyurethane coating. This option is included in our standard grip pricing.
    • Black Gloss - Black gloss is hand painted in house and topped with a durable 2K high gloss clear coat. This option is an additional $50.
    • Carbon Fiber Hydro-Dip - Hydro-dipping is the process of immersing the grip in a painted film that strongly resembles carbon fiber weave. Most people cannot tell the difference between actual carbon fiber and the film that we use on our grips. It is topped with a durable 2K high gloss clear coat that is sure to be a show stopper! This option is an additional $80.
    • Lite (3D Manufactured) - Our Lite version is designed for those with affordability in mind. It is 3D manufactured from a durable carbon fiber infused nylon. It features a textured finish compared to the smooth finish of our other options. With the standard switch layout, this option saves you $214.

    Custom Switch Plate Layouts & Laser Engraving

    Engraving aids in identifying the functions of each switch on your grip. It can also be used to add a personal touch to your aircraft by adding custom logos, phrases or registration numbers to your switch plate. This option is an additional $25 for standard switch plate layouts or $45 for custom layouts. The additional $20 for custom layouts covers design work relating to your ideas as well as a custom made wire diagram. Reach out for a custom invoice if you'd like that option.

    Trim Switch

    • Four Way - Designed for aircraft with a two axis trim system. Ex. pitch and roll or pitch and yaw. This option is included in our standard switch layout pricing.
    • Two Way- Designed for aircraft with a single axis trim system. This option saves you $50 off of standard pricing.
    • None - Designed for aircraft with no trim system. This option saves you $100 off of standard pricing.

    Note: We have options for three axis trim as well. Please notify us if you need this option.


    We love trying new things! If you have a custom request, please reach out via the chat box on our website or reach us directly at

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