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The Pioneer Sport is an ambidextrous grip designed with both simplicity and affordability in mind. It is 3D manufactured from a durable carbon fiber infused nylon. The sport comes standard with a two way trim switch, one push button on top and a PTT button located on the forward side of the grip. Add custom laser engraving for a personalized touch. See the info section for details on options and pricing for variations.


*Average lead time is 1 week 

Pioneer Sport

$189.00 Regular Price
$170.10Sale Price
Available to ship July 2024
  • The Pioneer Sport offers a variety of  switch plate layouts. It comes standard with a Lite finish, two way trim, one push button and a PTT located on the forward side of the grip. 

    See below for more information regarding options and pricing variations.



    The Pioneer Sport is currently only offered in our Lite finish.

    • Lite (3D Manufactured) - Our Lite version is designed for those with affordability in mind. It is 3D manufactured from a durable carbon fiber infused nylon.

    Custom Switch Plate Layouts & Laser Engraving

    Engraving aids in identifying the functions of each switch on your grip. It can also be used to add a personal touch to your aircraft by adding custom logos, phrases or registration numbers to your switch plate. This option is an additional $25 for standard switch plate layouts or $45 for custom layouts. The additional $20 for custom layouts covers design work relating to your ideas as well as a custom made wire diagram. Reach out for a custom invoice if you'd like that option.

    Trim Switch

    • Four Way - Designed for aircraft with a two axis trim system. Ex. pitch and roll or pitch and yaw. This option adds $50 to the standard pricing.
    • Two Way- Designed for aircraft with a single axis trim system.This option is included in our standard switch layout pricing.
    • None - Designed for aircraft with no trim system. This option saves you $50 off of standard pricing.

    Note: We have options for three axis trim as well. Please notify us if you need this option.


    We love trying new things! If you have a custom request, please reach out via the chat box on our website or reach us directly at

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